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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stable sternum

             The past couple months my sternum has been giving me grief, and I'm not sure why. The plate on it has been moving around (because I can feel it) and sometimes when I take a deep breath it makes a "clicking" sound. No one else can hear it though, I'm the only one who has heard it. Am I going crazy or something??!! It's also been kind of painful at times..like when I take a deep breath or just sitting at rest it will start shooting pains through my chest.  So I expressed my concern to my docs..and they called my surgeon. He came in and basically pushed on it, (which hurt like hell!) and made me cough a couple times to see if it would move for him. Of course not! Why would it be doing any of the things it's been doing for the past month at the moment when it really mattered! LOL Well, he concluded that it "felt" stable, and that it wasn't moving for him. But he suggested, because of the symptoms I was describing, to investigate further by getting some good close-up pics of my sternum by getting a cat-scan.
          Well, I got the cat-scan done yesterday and got the results this morning. NOTHING! They said there is absolutely nothing wrong, and that everything is completely stable..which is good news and I can't complain but I feel like I'm going crazy! I could have sworn that something was def wrong there. But I guess I was wrong. I just hope they read the pictures correctly.  They also said that my sternum had completely healed, and it looked very well. So I guess if worse comes to worse I can always have that plate removed if it keeps giving me problems because technically I don't really need it anymore. It's not holding anything in place anymore.
         I still wonder where the pain is coming from though. I guess when there is something foreign like that in your body your bones naturally grow away from it. So maybe some of that pain is my sternum pulling from the plate as it heals. That's the only conclusion I can come up with! All I know is it hurts like hell sometimes! It feels like really sharp shooting pains radiating through your chest.:(  Not fun stuff, but Oh well! There is always going to be side-effects that aren't pleasant I guess. Comes with the territory! Best to just suck it up and move on!

That's it for now:) <3

Pic of me before transplant LOL

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  1. That is a way old picture. Thats when mom went to Europe and I had to babysit, right? hahaha