6 months post transplant :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Rockin' my oxygen!

     I hated having my pic taken while wearing oxygen! I always felt like it made everything seem so much worse to everyone watching. But it was bound to happen, considering I required it 24/7. I def don't miss tripping over those stupid tubes, tripping other peeps with those stupid tubes and constantly having to make sure if I left the house I had enough to last me. I ran through about a tank of oxygen every 45 min, so I def had to plan accordingly. I was on 5 liters all the time. At home I just had an oxygen machine that had cords that were long enough for me to go where ever I wanted to in the house. People were always stepping on them and the machine was so loud! It's prob the best change since transplant, besides being able to breath! It dried out my nose so bad I had to put vaseline on it and it burned like hell! Def don't miss that! I know I looked pretty bad in some of these...but I was pretty sick.



  1. Were u a CO2 retainer and that's why u had the medallion?

  2. Yes I def was starting to get C02 poisoning or whatever you call it. lol but i know that that was also supposed to help almost double the amount of o2 you were getting. At least that's what the docs told me.