6 months post transplant :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back in the hole..lol

             Hey all! Greetings from the hospital! Yup, I'm back in here and they think they found the underlying issue as to why my lung function keeps dropping...or whats causing the rejection.  Stupid acid reflux and re-gurge. So, the plan is to have surgery on Monday, Nissen surgery, to tighten my esophagus so that nothing can come up into my new lungs.  It's kinda a big surgery, but it's being done laproscopically thank god! No big incisions..not that it would really matter though, whats a couple more compared to the one across my chest! ha ha! But, there are some crappy side effects..I guess after this procedure, it's going to be possible that I wont ever be able to vomit again. Which sounds good to some peeps, but it's not really that sweet. Kinda a scary thing, but weighing my options right now, it's better then losing these awesome breathers, so..I guess it'll have to be.  
        The good news is that my lung functions is still about 100%, and my sats are like 99, so there really isn't any serious damage done yet. Hopefully this will fix the problem completely and my lung function can come back after this.  I'm counting on it. There may be some permanent damage that is irreversible, but I'm hoping for them to come back up.

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  1. Back in the Hole
    And rejections to blame
    Walia you said the droooids
    Would fix this
    fix this

    (HA HA HA!) Get it? Its Shot through the heart and your to blame song he hehe...