6 months post transplant :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


              I got the call on March 3rd, 2010.  The day that changed my life indefinitely.  The most important day of my life (so far)!
      I had a Caring Bridge site that was kept up by my mom and sis while I was in surgery.  I wanted to blog their experience..because as you know, I was completely out of it!  It kinda gives a little glimpse of what goes on during the process.  This was what went on while I was sleeping...

       March 3,2010 9:29am
     Well, we got the call today that we have been waiting for! We are at the hospital right now waiting SOME MORE!  But there is a lot of behind the scenes activity that has to go on before the surgery so it may not be till this afternoon sometime.  We are really excited and anxious all at the same time.  Hopefully this wont be a 'dry run' which happens sometimes. (when the lungs wont work for whatever reason)It looks good so far so everyone keep praying it goes smoothly.

      March 3,2010 6:45pm
    We ask for prayers for Geneva, her surgery.  For the family that has experienced tragedy for her second chance at life. I pray for a 

chance to meet them one day to thank them for this generous gift. And for safe travels for my dad and Geneva's (soon to be)inlaws who are on a plane right now to get here from Nebraska. I pray for them to have a chance to see her before she goes in, and for her surgeons to have a skilled and steady hand. And I pray that thru all of this god will be glorified!

     March 3,2010 8:35pm
    The attending nurse just came in and gave us the go! The lungs are good and they will be proceeding with surgery. They waited so long because the donor is donating to several recipients and coordinating the transplant. They don't get to see the organ until right before they start.
    They estimate starting the surgery in a half hour. It will take 6-8 hours depending on if they need to cut down the lungs to size and piece them together to fit her frame. Geneva was doing pretty well before she went in. They didn't want to give her anything or put her to sleep before hand in case the lungs weren't going to work. With her health already compromised they don't want to put her to sleep and risk her not coming out of it well and the lungs wont even work.  
     So we are sure that it's a go and by the end of the night she should have new lungs!! We are so grateful to see god's hand in all of this. My dad and Marc's parents totally got here in enough time to see her and chat before she went back. Priceless moments that we're so grateful for. We are so blessed and scared to death, but this is good, this is what we have been hoping and praying for.

    March 3,2010 10:41pm
   Her left lung is out. They are getting ready to put her new one in.

    March 3,2010 11:11pm
   Her new left lobe is in! They're circulating blood and oxygen thru it. They originally were thinking they would have to trim down the lungs and piece them together. (I know, crazy right??) But the left ended up fitting perfectly! Praise god! They are now working on removing the right dumpy lung:) She also managed to stay off the heart and lung machine!! This can complicate things and make it more difficult. Its better to stay off it and let the organs do their job on their own (if possible). Keep praying..that is if you're still up!

    March 3,2010 3:24 am
   Well, 4 hours later our little angel has a new set of lungs! They had to size down the right lung a bit, although she is doing great and will be going to ICU soon. The plan is to have her pulmonologists with her all night and she will be sedated all day tomorrow to heal. The hard part is just around the corner these next few days. Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery. We are all very excited to get her life started and are truly blessed to have the family and friends that we have. Thanks for all the support..we will keep you posted!

   That's about all that went down during surgery. Im sure there are minor details left out but that's pretty much the gist of it:)
           That's all for now:) bye!

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